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Here’s an overview of what your clients on Medicare can anticipate for premiums and deductibles in 2022:

  • Standard Part B premium – $170.10/month (see IRMAA chart below)
    • Largest dollar increase in the programs history – $21.60 per month / 14.50%
    • Largely due to CMS setting aside money in its reserves in the event it decides that Medicare will cover the controversial new Alzheimer’s drug – Aduhelm
    • Compare that to 2022 Social Security COLA increase of 5.90% – Which is largest in 30 years
  • Part A premium for those not eligible for zero premium
    • $274/month – 30-40 quarters of employment
    • $499/month – less than 30 quarters of employment
  • Annual Part B deductible – $233/month
2022 Medicare Part D & B Premiums

This chart reflects the surcharges high-income people pay in addition to their Part B and Part D premiums. The Social Security Administration (SSA) makes the determination about whether or not someone is subject to IRMAA based on the income reported on their tax return looking back two years. For 2022, SSA will look back to the 2020 Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

A re-determination request can be filed if your client has had a life-changing event that has subsequently reduced their income. Examples are: Retirement, reduction in work hours, divorce, widowed and others specified by SSA.

Source – Healthcare Benefit Services

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