Age Is Just A Number

Today’s elderly generation may say they’ve seen it all but our changing and evolving world certainly endorses what our greatest generation has seen.

When it comes to embracing this new world dominated by social media, the concept that age is just a number is important. Many seniors have embraced the demands of this new form of communication by using social media to stay connected with family, friends, and each other.

It may be hard to believe this but 64% of Americans over the age of 50 and 37% over the age of 65 use social media regularly.

As the baby boomer generation (and all of us, Elder Care Managers, at Aging at 5280 are in that category) hits their senior years, we are seeing more and more blogs speaking to “us.” So, this month we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite blogs and hope that you find encouraging and positive thoughts on aging as we have. We are going out on a limb here and saying that these are must follow. While reading, keep in mind, that mindset is key because age is just a number.

Roaming Boomers

The Roaming Boomers

Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, they share their luxury trips and travel tips. David and Carol Porter are The Roaming Boomers and launched the blog to inspire seniors to see the world. From the perfect picnic in Paris to Galapagos Islands and beyond, this blog will certainly inspire you to travel and see more of the world. Thanks to social media, we can do just that.


Grey Fox Website

Grey Fox

David Evans is the author of Grey Fox, a fashion blog for men over 40.

Evans insists that older men are a missed opportunity for the fashion industry, and we couldn’t agree more.

Be sure to check out his blog because we’re certain you will find his honest reviews, the history of brands, and much more, both informational and quite entertaining.


Senior Planet

Senior Planet

Who doesn’t love a blog that celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude, and helps people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active?

From activating the joints and muscles to increasing mental focus to learning how to set up a Facebook profile page, Senior Planet will celebrate your aging with attitude.

We are confident you will enjoy the informational and entertaining topics ranging from dating to senior fashion and travel to entertainment. This blog will make you want to get out there and enjoy an active lifestyle with a smile.


While age is just a number, your value is immeasurable. Stay young at heart and wise in the mind.

If you, a family member or friends are in need of support for healthy aging, contact us, we are here to guide you in navigating your roadmap to aging well.

Cindy Koch

Cindy Koch, MA

Certified Placement & Referral Specialist (CPRS) | Owner

Aging at 5280 is here to help elders and their families navigate through the healthcare system and customize a plan to meet their needs.