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As the population grows older and life expectancy increases, communities across the country are faced with new challenges and opportunities to support our aging population. In Denver, one organization is leading the charge to revolutionize aging: Aging 2.0.

What is Aging 2.0?

Founded in 2012, Aging 2.0 is a global innovation network focused on aging and long-term care. With a mission to improve the lives of older adults through technology and innovation, Aging 2.0 works with entrepreneurs, investors, senior placement agencies, and senior care providers to identify and accelerate innovative solutions in the aging space.

Aging 2.0 Denver, led by a passionate group of volunteers, is making an impact through its local chapter by creating a thriving ecosystem of startups, investors, and aging experts who are transforming the aging experience for Coloradans.

Aging 2.0 Denver - Grandma and Granddaughter

Key Initiatives for Aging 2.0 Denver

  • AgeTech Accelerator
  • 60+ Innovation Lab
  • Senior Entrepreneurship
  • Building a network

One of the key initiatives of Aging 2.0 Denver is the AgeTech Accelerator program. This program brings together startups from across the country that are focused on developing and commercializing innovative products and services for older adults. The program provides entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, mentors, and investors who can help them grow their businesses. By catalyzing the growth of the AgeTech ecosystem in Denver and beyond, Aging 2.0 is paving the way for a brighter future for Colorado’s aging population.

Another key initiative of Aging 2.0 Denver is the 60+ Innovation Lab. This program brings together older adults, caregivers, and community stakeholders to co-create and test innovative solutions to the challenges facing our aging population. From new technologies and business models to care models and community programs the 60+ Innovation Lab is helping to transform the way we think about aging.

Aging 2.0 Denver - Nurse Caregiver and Senior Lady

Through its Senior Entrepreneurship Initiative, Aging 2.0 Denver has also played an important role in promoting the importance of providing older adults with the resources and support they need to launch and grow their own businesses. By helping seniors to tap into their creativity, skills, and experience, Aging 2.0 Denver is creating new opportunities for seniors to lead fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.

Finally, Aging 2.0 Denver is driving change in the aging space through its extensive network of partners and collaborators. From local senior care providers and community organizations to national and international innovators, Aging 2.0 Denver is bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders to create meaningful change.

If you, a family member or friends are in need of support for healthy aging, contact us, we are here to guide you in navigating your roadmap to aging well.

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Cindy Koch, MA

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