Daughter with Mother - Alzheimer's Late Onset

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and affects more than 5 million people in the U.S. alone. Alzheimer’s is currently ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., although recent reports state that Alzheimer’s-related deaths rank third, just behind heart disease and cancer as a leading cause of death for people aged 75 and older.

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia often requires a team of professionals but for many, it is the loved one that take on the job of the caregiver. Sadly, we are experiencing many similar situations wherein the loved ones are moving into the caregiver roll without a plan for aging in place.

As elder care managers, we receive many questions and unique situations on an ongoing basis. Recently, Robert reached out to inquire about assistance in screening Memory Care and Assisted Living Communities throughout the Denver metro region that would be appropriate for his wife, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2018. He shared a look into the day-to-day challenges he has been faced with while watching his wife slowly drift away. He also shared his growing concern about not being able to continue caring for her should he become physically or mentally impaired.

“Every day is a different challenge for both of us and all normal activities and routines we developed over the years are no longer viable. I have had to learn to be flexible and ready to adjust to the ever-changing norms caused by the progression of the disease. My greatest concern has been my own ability to be able to provide 24/7 care for my wife,” stated Robert.

After meeting with Robert and his family, the Aging at 5280 team developed a comprehensive plan for continued proper care and peace of mind for Robert and his family.

“The challenges I have faced as a caregiver are many, primarily watching your life partner slowly drift away, while adjusting our lives to accommodate the progression of this awful disease,” continued Robert.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder. The disease slowly destroys memory, thinking and reasoning skills. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s disease every 66 seconds. Due to the rising population in the U.S. of people aged 65 and older, the number of new cases of Alzheimer’s and other dementias is set to soar.

Wife with Husband - Early Onset Alzheimer's

One of the most common questions asked is: “What Are The Signs of Alzheimer’s?” If you notice one or more of the following signs in yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to your Doctor for an evaluation:

The Warning Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  • Challenges in planning or solving problems
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  • New problems with words in speaking or writing
  • Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  • Decreased or poor judgment
  • Withdrawal from work or social activities
  • Changes in mood and personality

Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Early onset Alzheimer’s typically appears in people who are in their 40s and 50s with some cases being diagnosed in people in their 30s. The main difference between early onset and late-onset is that people don’t expect to be on the lookout for these symptoms when they’re younger. Therefore, the signs aren’t always recognized as the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Scientists believe early onset Alzheimer’s is hereditary and is more aggressive than the late-onset form of the disease. Inheriting the genes for Alzheimer’s disease does not assure early onset Alzheimer’s. Scientists have simply noticed that, of the people who do have the early onset form of the disease, genetic mutations for Alzheimer’s did exist.

What they know is early onset Alzheimers is rare, probably genetic, aggressive, and it displays symptoms that are usually first noticed at work.

As elder care specialists, we are passionate and dedicated to providing guidance on the process when it becomes difficult to care for your loved one. We work with many fantastic Memory Care Communities throughout the Denver metro area and are pleased to showcase two outstanding partners.

Memory Care at Applewood Our House

At Aging at 5280 we believe finding support early is of the utmost importance for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, which is why we recommend Applewood Our House for Memory Care.

Applewood Our House residences are designed with residents in mind and instill a sense of calm and comfort for all.

With a team of professionals trained to handle unique issues that often arise as a result of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the staff at Applewood Our House adapt their care and interactions to create a helpful and restful home for their residents.

Thank you Applewood Our House for ensuring families feel confident knowing their loved one is being cared for in a conscientious community designed to cater to their needs.

Montage Hills Senior Living, by Generations

The team at Aging at 5280 works diligently with families struggling to know when it’s time to consider memory care for their loved ones. Just as our clients trust us to guide them forward, we place our trust and endorse the incredible team of professionals at Montage Hills.

Their person-centered approach allows each and every resident, including those with advanced dementia, to experience quality of life and consistent engagement.

From emergency response in each room, secured 24 hours a day community, and easy to navigate floor plans to brain game activities, transportation to appointments and much more, Montage Hills embraces their mission to enhance lives and celebrate the excitement of living.

At Aging at 5280 we salute you pushing the boundaries to bring the best in care to your residents and their families.

If you, a family member or friends are in need of support for healthy aging, contact us, we are here to guide you in navigating your roadmap to aging well.

Cindy Koch

Cindy Koch, MA

Certified Placement & Referral Specialist (CPRS) | Owner

Aging at 5280 is here to help elders and their families navigate through the healthcare system and customize a plan to meet their needs.