Parents on Daughter - Benefits to Residents of Senior Living Communities During COVID-19

Today, one of the most commonly asked questions senior living communities are asked, “How are you handling COVID and how many cases have you had?” These questions and many others have put a strain on new residents moving into senior living communities.

In today’s challenging climate, with constant change recommendations and regulations on a local and national basis, many are left feeling confused and anxious, and simply aren’t comfortable making the transition to a senior living community.

At Aging at 5280, we firmly believe that families of older adults who live alone are discovering the health benefits that senior living communities provide for their loved one, especially during this time.

Residents at senior living communities have always benefitted from readily accessible care to manage their health and daily activities, social interaction and a positive, new lifestyle. Senior living community team members are trained professionals that can assist residents with daily living activities such as dressing, bathing and medication assistance all while promoting privacy and dignity.

With the variety of activities and programs communities offer, residents have more social contact and feel less lonely. From daily devotion for spiritual enrichment, mixers and events that encourage interaction to arts, crafts and painting classes and much more, these activities help build camaraderie and give residents a strong sense of community belonging. Research suggests higher levels of social support and lower levels of loneliness are directly related to improved well-being.

During this challenging time, daily tasks have become more difficult with the new health protocols and social distancing restrictions. From assisting with transportation to procure groceries, prescriptions and other essential supplies, access to health and personal care resources to providing frequent social interaction, the benefits of transitioning to senior living communities is unparalleled.

Gerontologists agree that both personal and environmental resources are important to aging well, and the unique combination of personal competence and environment that determine an individual’s optimal level of function. Studies have reported that social, intellectual, physical, and emotional wellness improved after moving to a senior living community.

Mother and Daughters - Benefits to Residents of Senior Living Communities During COVID-19

Senior living communities are continuing to increase residents’ social connections with safe visiting areas for families, providing high-speed internet services throughout their communities and offer guidance with technology for a more enjoyable social interaction with family and friends.

During the pandemic many communities are showcasing their amenities in numerous ways including virtual tours and socially distance in-person tours, as well as referring prospects to the website for floor plans, sales materials and delivering specific photos upon request. Additionally, many are customizing a private tour on their own personal phone and answering questions and helping put family and their loved ones at ease.

Our world has definitely changed over the last eight months, but all the warm and inviting amenities, the professional staff, the social interaction and the varied activities offered by senior living communities has only improved during this challenging time.

Cindy Koch

Cindy Koch, MA

Certified Placement & Referral Specialist (CPRS) | Owner

Aging at 5280 is here to help elders and their families navigate through the healthcare system and customize a plan to meet their needs.

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