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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not addressed below, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you. We offer a complimentary consultation where we evaluate your needs and wishes.

What is a Referring Specialist?

We are a Senior Placement Agency, which means that we research and recommend the best senior living communities for our clients. From independent retirement communities and assisted living, to memory care and adult foster care homes, we cover the whole spectrum.

Why work with a Placement and Referral Agent?

How much do your services cost?

For most, our services are completely free as we are paid by providers that are chosen based on our recommendations. However, a one-time fee will be charged for housing search for a Medicaid approved community. If you choose to do your own search for Medicaid housing, then we will provide a complimentary list of Medicaid communities to assist in your search.

Can you explain the different types of senior living communities?

Independent Senior Living – Retirement Community or Retirement Living
Picture a cruise ship, you come and go as you please. A lot of people that live in independent living are still working part-time, or maybe it’s a couple and one of the spouses is still working, often still driving, very engaged in their community still. They just don’t want to upkeep of a home anymore.

Assisted Living Care
An apartment – it looks a lot like independent living in many situations, with the exception that there are caregivers available 24/7. You have a care plan assigned to you, which is a living document that will change as you change. They can help you with all the daily activities; bathing, dressing, medication management, meals are included, three meals a day. Also include ambulation, transferring in and out of bed, in and out of a wheelchair, or getting them to and from locations.

Memory Care
A secure unit where the residents are confined to a defined area. They still have activities, and they have their own bedroom or space. Sometimes it’s a shared bedroom, but they have their bathroom. All of it is somewhat similar, but the care and the activities are tapered to meet the needs of those suffering from the disease of dementia.

What is your process?

After a phone or in-person discussion resulting in an agreement to work together, we set up an in-depth meeting to do our comprehensive needs and wants assessment for a smooth transition to senior care. Just like your fingerprint each client is different and this process may involve additional steps before a plan is complete. Some clients may have phased plans as their needs and wishes change.

Who else could we hire to help us plan or navigate?

There are many individual specialities that one can hire directly, we just happen to offer and provide a bigger picture review of the entire situation (and planning for the future), which is much more comprehensive and could potentially avoid unintended consequences, including financial pitfalls.

What are the types of Services or Resources you may recommend?

Each situation is different – so based on our evaluation, any of these may be included in our recommendations:

  • In home repairs, modifications with or without care support
  • Medical overview and oversight by appropriate providers
  • Temporary or permanent care and housing, including retirement communities, assisted living, memory care and skilled care
  • Additional support from cognitive therapists to social events
  • Financial and legal components if not already properly completed
  • A thorough needs and wishes analysis and guided conversation, if desired

Check out our list of senior resources on aging.

What does CPRS stand for?

CPRS stands for a Certified Placement and Referral Specialist. Certified agents have to pass a national test to prove their level of expertise.

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