When it’s time to make a move to assisted living for a parent or grandparent, it is always a difficult decision.

When we as senior living advisors go into a home to help the family be comfortable with making the decision to move, the process goes more smoothly.

Stepping into a home and telling them that they or a loved ones needs to move into assisted living creates more tension, affects the family unit in a significant way, and makes the process more difficult. We work with a lot of adult children that are caring for their aging parents or grandchildren caring for their grandparents.

It Is important to engage the entire family unit in the discussion surrounding the need for a grandparent to move into assisted living, downsizing their home, and gifting or selling their possessions, keeping their most personal items and making sure those move with them to their new senior community (see the checklist for moving into Assisted Living).

Knowing when it is time for assisted living is unique to everyone.

This life event has a profound effect on families and many times people do not want to move into a senior assisted living community. So many of Aging at 5280’s clients have started living better lives in assisted living after transitioning and finding new happiness. They made fresh connections in senior living, especially after realizing how lonely or isolated they might have been at home.

If you, a family member or friends are in need of support for healthy aging, contact us, we are here to guide you in navigating your roadmap to aging well.

Cindy Koch

Cindy Koch, MA

Certified Placement & Referral Specialist (CPRS) | Owner

Aging at 5280 is here to help elders and their families navigate through the healthcare system and customize a plan to meet their needs.