Mary Archer

Mary Archer

I understand how difficult it can be to make the move into a memory care community. I work to make that transition as smooth as possible, by finding the best fit for your loved one.

Mary Archer created the non-profit Out and About Colorado Dementia Program in 2014, which serves people who have dementia through caregiving, support, education, and resources. Over the years, when it came time for people in her program to look for assisted living homes, she referred them to the Aging at 5280 team. Then at the start of 2022 she officially jumped onboard with them. It seemed a natural transition in her career, and she’s grateful for the opportunity to continue serving families in this manner.

Most people who have dementia can remain safely at home for many years, but eventually need a professional assisted living environment. The experts at Aging at 5280 have years of experience helping with the transition to either Assisted Living or Memory Care homes. We understand it can be emotionally and financially difficult to make that move. But we have also seen the relief it brings to families, and how the right setting can actually help people with dementia thrive.

Mary has worked with people during all stages of dementia, with Recreational Therapy in nursing homes, at an Adult Day Program, as an in-home caregiver and in her capacity as the Director of Out and About Colorado. She educates on dementia, offers training to caregivers, and facilitates support groups. She has completed the “Savvy Caregiver Program” offered by the Alzheimer’s Association and is qualified as one of their “Leaders in Dementia Care”. Mary has a Certificate in Gerontology from UCLA, and an undergraduate degree in Sociology. She is the co-author of “Ageless Outings”, and is currently writing a book about the unique challenges of Young Onset Dementia.

To best serve someone who has dementia, we need to enter their world. What do they need today, what will they need in the future? I look forward to starting this discussion with you and assisting with the next steps in caregiving.

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