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Senior Mom with Adult Daughter - Dementia Diagnosis - Now What?

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Dementia, What’s Next?

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be overwhelming and frightening. There are crucial steps to take to navigate this journey.

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Unlocking the Benefits of Senior Living Communities with Cindy Koch

Unlocking the Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Join Cindy Koch as she shares insights on the transformative benefits of senior living communities for seniors.

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Building Community in 2024 and Plan for Aging

Building Community in 2024 and Plan for Aging

Join Cindy Koch, Aging at 5280, in this heartfelt New Year message as she reflects on turning 60 and shares exciting plans for 2024.

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Common Costly Missteps for Older Adults - Senior Couple Planning For Aging

Common Costly Missteps for Older Adults

Avoid common costly missteps for older adults with these tips. As we age, financial decisions become increasingly important.

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Retired Senior Couple Standing Outside Home

Leveraging Your Home Equity in Retirement

Home equity in retirement can be a valuable tool, yet many people don’t know how to leverage their equity.

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Assistive Devices For Seniors - 10 Tips for Health and Safety in Aging

10 Tips for Health and Safety in Aging

Quick but important tips for health and safety in aging to serve as a guideline and ensure a high quality of life.

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Senior Couple Dancing - Memory Boosting Activities for Seniors

Memory Boosting Activities for Seniors

Are you looking for memory boosting activities for seniors? We have put together some ideas we hope you find inspiring and enjoyable.

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Seniors Aging In Place at Home

Three Keys to Aging in Place Successfully

Are you aging in place? What factors are involved and how can you make sure you are going to age in place successfully?

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Myths of Aging - Daughter and Granddaughter Kissing Grandma

The Benefits of Aging: It’s Not Just a Myth

Exploring some of the common myths of aging as well as the advantages and why it’s important to embrace the aging process.

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Senior Fitness - Senior Couple Hiking

It’s Fitness for a Lifetime, not just Senior Fitness

Choosing a senior fitness activity that you know you can stick with will increase your chances of success. It's about fitness for a lifetime.

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Active: Aging: Seniors enjoying the beach

Active Aging – Living a Fulfilling Life in your Golden Years

Let's explore the concept of active aging and provide practical tips for living a fulfilling life in your senior years.

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Dementia and Hot Weather - Summer Sun

Dementia and Hot Weather

If you have a loved one living with dementia, we hope you find this informational helpful in supporting them during hot weather.

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Aging 2.0 Denver - Family Hike

Aging 2.0: Revolutionizing Aging in Denver

One organization is leading the charge to revolutionize aging: Aging 2.0, a global innovation network focused on aging and long-term care.

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Senior couple walking on mountain meadow trail - Walking for Dementia

The Benefits of Walking for Dementia

For most of our lives we have heard people tell us to walk for our health, and there are big benefits to walking for dementia.

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Aging Blog: Senior Couple with Tablet

Why work with a Placement and Referral Agent?

When DIY Is Not Your Best Option. Seeking the experience of a local placement and referral agent ensures that your loved one is dearly cared for.

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Senior Couple - Facing Change with Certainty

Facing Change with Certainty

Seeking guidance in determining your road map to aging will be the difference between facing change with fear or with certainty.

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Family Discussion - Making the move to Assisted Living

Making the Move to Assisted Living

When it’s time to make a move to assisted living for a parent or grandparent, it is always a difficult decision. How do we make it easier?

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What Are You Going To Do As You Age?

What Are You Going To Do As You Age?

Cindy Koch has been in the Senior living space for 10 years and she is frequently asked “what are you going to be doing when you get older?”

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Family on beach - When is it time for Assisted Living

Love Can Build A Bridge: When is it Time for Assisted Living?

If you are questioning if or when is it time to have “the talk” about assisted living, likely that time has already passed.

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Grandfather and son

The House That Built Me

Real Estate and homes are emotional business. Your LIFE happened there. Do you need to change your living arrangements?

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Happy Senior Couple on a Walk - Living with Dementia

The Road Less Traveled: Living with Dementia

Finding hope in new beginnings while living with dementia. Life happens – our health changes, our circumstances change, our families change.

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Smiling Social Workers

National Social Work Month – Social Workers Are Essential

National Social Work Month was first organized in March of 1963 by the National Association of Social Workers to encourage public support.

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Senior art class - Making social connections

Making Fresh Connections in Senior Living

Finding new zest for life and making social connection is essential, at all ages, to maintain health and well-being.

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Horse Therapy for Seniors

Benefiting From Senior Horse Therapy

What can Equine Therapy, or horse therapy, do for seniors? Equine therapy can be a perfect addition to a senior’s life.

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