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When DIY Is Not Your Best Option – Senior Living

There are many times in life when Do It Yourself (DIY) seems like a viable option. You can watch a YouTube video and tile your bathroom, build a fence and landscape your yard. However, we can probably agree that there are definitely times when it is best to seek the advice and guidance from a seasoned professional. Most of us would not consult a dentist in order to decide about having back surgery or ask the mail person for advice on a significant car repair. Instead go straight to the experts.

When it’s time to investigate and make a plan for the best possible living situation for an older adult family member, seeking the experience of a local placement and referral agent ensures that your loved one is dearly cared for – emotionally, financially and physically.

What are Placement and Referral Agents?

Placement and Referral Agents are often small businesses who nurture relationships with both you and your family, as well as, with many senior living communities at a variety of care levels. Placement Agents do the research legwork for you. They understand the local communities available and who they best serve. They know the geography of the region and are able to advise on proximity to healthcare and other needs of daily living. Placement Agents meet with you and your family and tour facilities with you; creating a bond and sense of trust as they grow to understand your family dynamics and overall needs. They understand that these decisions impact more than just individuals, they impact entire families, and the end goal is getting you or your loved one into the best possible care environment for their needs now and in the future.

Why work with a Placement and Referral Agent?

When making the ultimate decision for an older adult family member to transition to their new home, we know you want to approach such an important decision with thoughtfulness and a wealth of information. Knowing that, even under the best of circumstances, it is likely to be emotional, as well as, stressful not only to the individual moving, but to the entire family.

While you may have heard of the large online referral sites through paid advertisements, they are potentially motivated less by individual relationships and more by “sales” and “move-in” numbers. They may lack the personal touch and in-depth market knowledge of a local placement agency. In a time when Siri and Alexa help us quickly begin a search of the web, it is not surprising that many older adults and their families begin looking online and find themselves led to massive national organizations. However, sometimes it takes a local specialist to truly understand the nuances of the senior communities. At Aging at 5280, we take pride in assessing your loved one’s needs from a whole person perspective to help you find the best community. We take into account the social, emotional, functional, medical as well as financial needs when looking at your options. All of these are important factors that impact your final choice. Having an expert guiding you along the path provides confidence that is sometimes difficult to find on your own.

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Instead of DIY, Let’s Do It Together

Think back on some of your greatest DIY success stories: have you hung wallpaper, self-published a book, designed and created a splendid and festive wreath? Now think back, as well, on some of your DIY flops: possibly installing new hardwood or replacing a lawn mower engine, an attempt at unclogging your garbage disposal? Did you have the grit and skill to see it through to a successful outcome or did you end up having to hire an expert or buy a replacement?

There are definitely times when DIY works, but considering the importance of guiding a loved one to their next chapter in life, this is likely a time when calling in a skilled and savvy expert will help in achieving the most desired results.

At Aging at 5280, we have a combined decades of experience in helping families navigate the healthcare system. More importantly, we bring to the table the ability to design a roadmap for this entire process: from delivering options to comprehensive needs and assessments to providing recommendations for financial, legal and real estate considerations.

There is no need to Do It Yourself when a team of caring and experienced professionals are ready to guide you and your loved one in choosing a path to a safe, healthy and enriching future.

At Aging at 5280, we welcome the opportunity to assist you in navigating your roadmap to aging successfully.

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If you, a family member or friends are in need of support for healthy aging, contact us, we are here to guide you in navigating your roadmap to aging well.

Cindy Koch

Cindy Koch, MA

Certified Placement & Referral Specialist (CPRS) | Owner

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